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Whisky enthusiasts have always had the dream of brewing their own whisky. The credit of this goes to their developed taste palate, as whisky is not for everyone and is an acquired taste. Every other whisky drinker would want another, different flavor infused in their drink. Some prefer the more natural flavors like berry and chocolate while others would want to go for a simpler rustic taste. Therefore, it has recently become a trend for people to experiment and make their own whisky. The most popular of these are the small whisky barrels, the reason behind it being that the small barrels reduce the ageing time compared to the years it takes in standard-size barrels. Small whisky barrels only need two-four weeks to age while others can take between three and six months, and although some distilleries have claimed small barrels such aren’t likely to produce an award-winning whisky, each and every one allows you to see and taste the transformation of your whisky as it ages.

Whisky Making Kit.

A whiskey making kit usually comes with an oak barrel, completely with spigot, bung and stand. Your liquor will sit in the barrel for a few weeks to age and take on the flavors of the barrel. Likewise, it may also come with a variety of essences, such as spiced rum, scotch, and bourbon to flavor the liquor. You’ll also get the cleaning materials for the barrel, as well as instructions for use.

Making your own Whisky?


It is now possible and simple for people to make Whisky for themselves. A major help would be if the maker decides to buy a home brewing kit first as it will provide him/her with all the required apparatus. First off, they need choose their base like corn, rye, wheat or barley. Let’s say we chose corn as it is easier to make. Next, they need to cook it at a really high temperature until the sugar in the grains is exposed. This cooking is supposed to be done in water. When the corn looks properly cooked, mash it with a rolling pin and add all important yeast to the mush. This mush should be left for fermentation for a few days. Since this is done for a small barrel, it will take longer time, say a week. Next, the mush should be strained and there should be no leaks in the still. The next step is to make sure that your mash is at a piping hot 80 degrees Celsius (if you buy a still, it should have a built-in thermometer), as that’s the temperature where alcohol evaporates. At that level of heat, the alcohol inside the mash will be converted to vapor, and turned into a “refined distillate” with the help of a condenser, which should have cold water running constantly around it. The first 100 Mls of this drink should then be tossed off as it is dangerous to drink that and also, it does not taste that good. A smaller barrel means a decreased surface area. So the alcohol will be able to absorb the qualities of the wood, like the notes of oak, cedar, or other components that come directly from the wood itself.

That covers the basics of making Whisky in a small Barrel. Happy drinking.