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Among all the alcohol variety that is available, 39% of the alcohol consumers prefer to drink beer. 35% of the consumers prefer wine, and lastly, 22% of the alcohol consumers prefer hard liquor. Small quantities of red wine is consumed for health purpose to add to blood count. White wine is an excellent choice to cut calories. A study finds that more than 2 billion people in the world consume alcohol. Alcohol consumption in the long run might damage your health. It is, therefore, necessary to drink good quality alcohol such that drinking will not affect your health in any way. Here are some of the top brands of liquor. Belarus, Republic of Moldova, Lithuania, and Russian Federation has the highest alcohol consumers in the World.

  • One of the most popular brand of alcohol is called the Moutai. Its brand value is about $5.77 billion and has a brand rating of AA+. Moutai is a Chinese liquor and comes under the brand Baiju. The alcohol is made from fermented sorghum. This alcohol is popular since 1644. After the communist victory in China, the government took over the local companies to produce state-owned liquor. Moutai slowly started becoming popular during state functions and other important celebrations.
  • Jonnie Walker is another top-selling brand of alcohol. Jonnie Walker is a brand of whisky and has a brand value of about $4.63 billion. The company is rated with AAA- rating. The company is owned by Diageo. The alcohol was invented by a grocer named John Walker. Scotland is famous for scotch and manufactures most of it. Scotch is made by blending grain whiskies and malt.


  • Hennessy: Hennessy comes under the category of cognac, a variety of brandy. The brand is rated AA and has a brand value of more than $2.87 billion. The brand became popular from 1765. The brand merged with Louis Vuitton in 1987 making them one of the leading company in the World. Hennessy sells products such as Hennessy Black, Hennessy White, Hennessy V.S, Pure White, Richard Hennessy, etc.
  • Jack Daniels: Jack Daniels comes under the category Whiskey. The brand has a rating of AAA- and has a brand value of more than $2.50 billion. Jack Daniels is one of the top-selling American Companies in the World. The Whisky is filtered through charcoal and is manufactured from sugar maple. The alcohol is packed typically in square shaped bottles. Black Label Tennessee whisky alone sold more than 12.5 million bottles in the year 2017.
  • Smirnoff: Smirnoff comes under the category Vodka. The company has a brand value of more than $2.02 billion and has a rating of AA+. Smirnoff is manufactured by a British company called Diageo. The alcohol brand is famous in more than 130 Countries. Smirnoff is one among the top-selling Vodka in the World.