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Pasión Azteca:

Pasión Azteca is the most expensive liquor in the world, priced at $3.5 million. The main aspect of its high cost is the fancy bottle it comes in.

Pasión Azteca

Expensive bottle:

The glossy bottles have carvings on it made of carved platinum. The bottle was originally designed by Alejandro Gomez Oropeza, a Mexican artist. These bottles even created a Guinness world record as the most expensive bottle ever sold in history. The company also offers diamond-encrusted versions of the tequila bottles. These bottles are embellished with 6,400 diamonds. The bottle resembles a carved seashell. Each bottle is encased in leather boxes.  Authenticity Certificates by Tequila Ley .925 and Mexicana de Joyas are included with these bottles, who are the leading creators of precious jewelry and other ornaments.

Anejo tequila:

The Liquor in the bottle is Anejo type tequila that is 6-years old. Anejo is translated to “aged.” The fermentation and distilling processes of the agave plant are being carried out exquisitely. The distilled liquor is preserved for six years. It is claimed by the makers that even a single sip of this tequila will send a person to the paradise of ecstasy.

Different versions of Tequila:

The main bottle envisioned is the glass adaptation with the lowest, yet extremely significant price. They have stunning looks and proclaimed to contain 4-year-old añejo tequila. The following stage up is the overwhelming silver vessel with gold accents likewise containing the 4-year tequila. The following two Gold/Platinum and Platinum bottles contain 6-year old añejo tequila and advance up much more in cost.The bottle was sold to an art collector in the city of Mexico in July 2006. Another 33 Pasion Azteca bottles were made out of platinum and gold which is priced at $150,000. There is also a budget range of Pasion Azteca of gold and silver bottles which are priced at $25,000.


Dissimilar to other tequila production steps, aging is one of only a handful couple of ventures out of the control of individuals. Maturation is the change of sugars and starches in liquor through yeast in anaerobic conditions, implying that oxygen is absent during the process. Fermentation is likewise completed in a non-aseptic condition which expands the bacterial action of tequila. The support of microorganisms from nature (yeasts and microbes) makes aging an unconstrained procedure which offers ascend to numerous side-effects that add to the flavor and fragrance of tequila.

Bottom line:

Pasion Azteca’s high price is based on the bottle rather than the quality of tequila inside. These ultra-expensive limited tequilas are intended for rich art collectors, as these limited edition bottles are considered a work of art.