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Beer is considered the most bought alcoholic drink in the world which means it is the most popular and for some, pretty much a piece of gold they get to go home to at the end of a very long day. It is also considered a drink that brings people together to enter the weekend, watch a game of, whichever sport you prefer and sometimes, just enjoyed a barbeque with friends and family.

Whether you’re the beer expert, which to some people might be quite intimidating, or you only know about that canned beer which is so light that it might as well be a Coke… We’ve got you covered. After all, running into a beer expert is no joke and while learning about beer might sound completely stupid to some, it’s actually a lot more interesting than you think.

Fun fact, there are over 300,000 beer brands in the world. Let’s just say, it’s good to know about the different types of beers, especially if you’re a man.

A Variety of 5 of the World’s Most Popular Beers


Being the most popular, you might have heard of this one before. The reason behind its popularity all starts with how it is made. Ales are, first of all, come in many different varieties and are brewed to perfection from malted barley. Options include brown, pale, cream, and many more. Some of the most popular brands include Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Red Tail Amber Ale and Newcastle Brown Ale. The list goes on and on.


As another favourite, this beer is both refreshing and light enough to have a few. It’s also quite popular due to its crisp taste, light colour and title as the perfect drink on a hot summer day. Amongst the best are Spaten Pils, Prima Pils, Becks and Bitburger to name a few.



New to beer? Try a lager which is one of the lightest beer in both colour and flavour. Although more carbonated, they’re going down pretty good at just about any setting. Favourites include Perroni, Corona’s, Negra Model and Stella Artois.


No, we’re not referring to Sherry. Best described as drinking a loaf of bread… Which is quite odd and a mouth full at the same time, Porter is considered a beer with a kick. So, if you feel like something a bit stronger, but you’re not up for one of the elite spirits, try a Porter. Some of the best include Founders Porter, Mayflower Porter, Duck-Rabbit Porter and Fuller’s London Porter.


Ah, the stout. Not for everybody, but definitely considered one of the best beers. Just as the name suggests, a stout is rich and dark, minus the intense alcohol percentage. The most popular options include Young’s Double Chocolate Stout, Guinness and Old Rasputin Imperial Stout.