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Welcome to Monster B’s!

Where good times & good food come together!

 30 beers on Tap

Your kind of gathering place.

Monster B’s Bar and Grille

The Monster Bar and grill provides quality support together with an outstanding range of the best liquors and well understand beers in a family-friendly atmosphere.

Monsters B’s

Monster B’s Bar and Grille has always been a home away from home for its patrons. Boasting an inviting atmosphere, friendly staff, and an exceptional food & beer menu we continually strive to exceed our guest’s expectations.


It’s the final day of this week and it’s certainly the happiest one! Happy Fridays in Monster Bar and Grill is the Perfect location, at the Perfect time! The Most Amazing Happy Hour $1 Shot, $3 Beers, $5 Drinks, $6 Appetizers and Live DJ!


Monster B’s hosts a wide variety of both local and nationally recognized bands. In the mood for a more interactive approach to entertainment, then don’t miss out on our weekly Karaoke night.


Our goal at Monster B’s is to make sure that you enjoy your total dining experience so that you can’t wait to come back after all we realize that you are the only reason why we’re here.

grab a bite to eat


Black-eyed peas and black beans.$5.99

Chicken Wings

Five chicken wings with french fries dipped in your choice of Buffalo, sweet and sour Thai or BBQ sauce.


A 4 oz. burger cooked to perfection, with your choice of french fries or sweet potato fries $5.


The World’s Most Expensive Alcohol

Pasión Azteca: Pasión Azteca is the most expensive liquor in the world, priced at $3.5 million. The main aspect of its high cost is the fancy bottle it comes in. Expensive bottle: The glossy bottles have carvings on it made of carved platinum. The bottle was...

5 Best Hot Alcoholic Drinks

As indicated by the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, "direct liquor utilization is characterized as having up to one drink for each day for ladies and up to two drinks per day for men. This statement is alluding to the amount of liquor consumed on any single day and...

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1921 Sunny Day Drive
Santa Ana, CA 92704.